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The Sun Of God

-A Voice Declaring: Babylon Is Falling, the fall of Mystery Babylon, of the entire present age of mankind on the map 03/27/2011 (see Revelation 17, 18th chapters
-There’s something about turbulent or tornadic manners of travel both on land and on sea, of being separate of or lost of loved ones, turbulent manners of disasters continuously on the map 03/27/2011

From, A Painting In The Dark, The Lamb Blood Of Life 04/09//2011

Light hath come, but men love darkness rather than light, for their deeds are evil..JCON

-I was watching an episode of Frances (Frances Swaggart, SBN) And Friends just last week and the week before whereas she was interviewing. As a guess doing these two viewing was one Warren Smith, the author of a truly tell all book about the occult pretending to be Christ Jesus the Lord, the book entitled The Light That was Dark. At Frances testimonial it’s an amazing work regarding how Satan himself truly comes as an angel of light. All with saintly like advocates all pretending to be God’s people’s friend and confidant, even their deliverance when since the first Adam’s deception. This thieving lie arriving on the precipitation of truth has proven to be mankind’s detriment, it is unendingly that way, that Broadway actively traveled that always seem right unto man but the end thereof is this system, this pathogen of death with great judgment following.
-The root of the new age teaching that hasn’t come into the church suddenly as to be abruptly noticed, but has creep in unaware, unnoticeably a clever illusionist is it all. Teaching for doctrine for literally two decades this dwindling age of mankind that all mankind is of God, that they’re thus of God manifested in the flesh (Jesus) and herein all are redeemed accordingly. Now here this and comprehend it well, although all mankind is God’s creation, meaning of His creation of man, and although they’re then as well of the first Adam’s lineage, condemned I may add. It’s not as straightforward that he’s to be of any relations to the second Adam whatsoever, this unspotted blood lineage. That although the second Adam is God’s salvation for mankind, the bloody cross it would become because of the first Adam’s fall, because of mankind’s refusal to repent, isn’t every man’s Savior.
-You see God in the beginning separated Satan’s seed, the first Adam’s lineage from the woman seed before he created the second Adam, where those who are Christ’s and fellow heir with mankind. They are Christ Jesus’ by a pure blood adoption of the Lamb of God made bloodied accordingly and their total belief and testimonial of Jesus Christ therewith. It is here this divine work of the cross, this blessed one is seen as a Lamb of God, for mankind entering into the Holy of Holies and offering up as a blood atonement against mankind’s blood guiltiness and iniquitous ways. Though this is mankind’s manner of reconciliation with God, his glory once again restored, this is not all mankind’s birth upon blood lineage but his rebirth. Meta-phorically speaking this would be Jesus crying aloud, sparing not ye must be born again. How he alone, this second Adam, separated of the first Adam’s cursed lineage, is the way, truth and the life, no man cometh unto the father except by Him, this bloody Lamb, adoption of God.
-This is what the scripture mean when God declared to Satan posing as a bringer of truth, an alternate choice, I will put enmity between thee and the woman. Just as so, between thy seed and her seed, it shall bruise thy head, thou shall bruise his heel. Easily and get this, if you’re to never again get anything divine, Holy and True, get this. Satan’s seed is the first Adam, mankind original blood lineage, cursed to both hell and death, the second death. The only, single, Woman’s seed, is the second Adam, as God the Holy Spirit would bring forth His Son made of a woman, meaning it would be surrogated by the woman’s seed ( womb). In the meantime made under the law, (fashioned unlike the letter that killed), that He might redeem those who were under the law (bond by doctrines of men, of devils): that they might receive the adoption of sons.
-Hence and forth because mankind has a kinship in creation, in blood, an akin death and curse, and though there is a redemption for mankind to take part in, of honestly these truths are no longer of God’s Kingdom valid. Not until repentance is made of the first now cursed blood lineage, plainly, only as confessions of iniquity and crimes of blood against God is whole-heartedly actualized. Consistent with the living word, without repentance, meaning only as man realize he is from his mother’s womb sin and by Christ’s bloody cross repent can there be a reconciliation of God with this man. This would be this only Lord sighting you must be born again, this truth is the answer to Nicodemus’ one million dollar question, how can a man be reborn? This is the question all followers of well to do leaders need ask, if you don’t honor, obey and worship Christ’s bloody cross. Can you then enter into your mother’s womb a second time and be reborn? Of course if you could, be reborn of this first mother’s womb that is, reborn also would be the curse continuously, thus is the faith of all unrepentant mankind.
-You see mankind and this is what kept coming to mind when they talked of this New Age gospel, one with a powerful than America, than the entire free world, religious and political world, catalyst Oprah Winfrey. Just as so when they kept verifying how New Age thinkers taught or believed since God was in all things. That if this is so, He is then in all mankind and thus so was his Christ, not the bloody Christ, but a more modern, comprehensible Christ Jesus. Admittedly I said to myself, yeah, though mankind is God’s creation, and by this scriptural fact they’re all akin let us not forget mankind felled away from God. He felled away from His glory, even from the womb to go on for thousands of years to worship another. In other words cast out Christ’s bloody cross and mankind regardless of the smoke and mirrors, regardless of this new fangled, angled gospel, and the celebrity types promoting and endorsing it, mankind cursed faith (lineage), yet remain.

Here Thee A Shepherd’s Song 02/16/2010
Master Disasters And Invasions In The Links Prophecy

- Seen to be hearing a horn blaring aloud, so loud that it awaken me right from sleep. So loud I thought surely I would have some hearing lost in my left ear, horns, bells and sirens of alert and pending danger on the map 01/04/2010 See Haiti Earthquake
-Seen to be burying our children why they’re yet alive, seen to be looking at them, and they looking at us, but we’re still working profusely to bury them alive. A strange form of death and dying, especially regarding children, on the map 01/10/2010 See Haiti Earthquake

A Light To My Feet, A Lamp To My Path

-I looked into a dream some years ago, to be honest in only moments as to turn one’s head from one point to another. To be sincere just as suddenly I found myself in outer darkness, one second I was sleeping comfortably in my bed and next second this black void. It was terrifying not so much because it was dark, black actually, though there was this soul, mind and heart provoking stillness and void. I’m telling you mankind take for granted how their world is at times rushed off your feet with sounds. That mankind depend on these sounds for life, for clarity for a belonging and assurance, though all around me was nothing but this black stillness, this greatly and gravely to consume void where I sat helpless to bring myself again. Soon one approached me, hand out his hand toward me where I came to my feet and began to follow Him.
-That just as I followed Him, a light in the shape of my feet came under each step I made, that when I made a step there was this light in shape of a foot print and then soon, gradually there was light all around me. This would be King David crying aloud how God’s word is to be a light to his feet, and as so a lamp to his path. Though not only was there this amazing luminosity, that no man could on his own approach unto, you’re to remember I was trapped in this sinister cavity with no way out. Though in this miraculous radiance line upon line, precept upon precept, were voices and testaments, words and revelation. So much so, I said to myself, I’m walking in revelation, the same one spoken by John the revelator and this enormous keepsake passed from me.
-Of course I always acquainted this swift to confiscate me black void as something mankind rebellious, prudent and stiff-neck. Truthfully, I considered it as a dark place his refusal of the Supreme Father caused him to wonder into, terrifyingly, this blacken abyss. Even though only recently as a couple of days ago I realize this is the black void all mankind is actually born into. This is why the bloody Lamb of God described mankind as those having eyes, but they can’t see, as those having ears but they can’t hear. Just as well as those having a heart but it’s waxed grossed, hard as stone. Though not only so but is mankind possessed with a fear, an unprecedented manner of terror, even phobia until they stumble unendingly at saving their lives only to ruin not only their lives. Reduce to rubble as well is what is destined by Christ’s cross to be eternal life for all who will believe (repent), they worship the temporal, this present damned world, at forfeiting the eternal, the Kingdom of God that’s to reign forever.
-As a result whenever you follow the first Adam, whenever you follow those of the first cursed lineage, not only is there this blind leader as all first Adams are born blind, deaf and dumb,
though without divine comprehension, are they blind followers. This is what Jesus mean when he declare except a man be born again, throwing off the cursed yoke of the first Adam, by release, belief and a blood redemption, reconciliation, putting on the second Adam. Unless or until they do they can’t comprehend the kingdom of God, they can’t be relieved of the blacken abyss that is even mankind’s heart. Mankind is again born into a shadowy, mind and soul stripping hollowness, blind, without natural affections this is why every path, every decision making, every great or small discovery, it’s all plagued with pending horrors, anguish and death, unto the second death (great white throne judgment).

If we say we have fellowship with Him, and walk in the darkness, we lie and do not the truth. But if we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ, His Son, cleanses us from all sin. If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say we have not sinned, we make Him a liar and His word (righteousness) is not in us I John 1:6-10

The Sun Of God

-Since my grandson Caden turn six months he’s been raising his hand to worship the light just above his head, giving reverence. We didn’t notice it right off, but soon it became obvious how he would suddenly, miraculously raise his eyes, his hand to give specific worship to the light shinning down upon him from above. Though it was an artificial light of life, this creation and temporal daylight of man, was he, was there something in his heart soul longing to give worship to an insubstantial glory of an eternal One, even a way out of the birth upon gloominess and shadows. I remember standing in the living room this day when I told his mother Ca, Ca, his nickname, how he’s worshipping the light and soon she saw it for herself and thought it was so precious and so funny. Although this light this six month old baby beacons to and pay honor to isn’t the light of Life, eternal life, he by a divine force realize he’s in the dark and only light alone (Christ Jesus the Lord), deserve his upmost observance and adoration.
-This is where mankind no doubt have to be careful as most that is Satanic and Demonic comes as an angel of light, again we have to be cautious that we’re are not deceived forthwith. The light of life and immortality with the Supreme Heavenly host isn’t of this world, nor is he of the things of this world. His gospel alone being one of forgiveness and unconditional love, is alone, unforeseen, it is to lose this life, to find immortality, Of course the way of the world is to save this life, this non-natural mortgage forfeiting eternity, this is mankind always finding himself only to by a simulated truth lose himself over again continuously. Henceforth when this sinless substitute Jesus arrived on the scene, this wilderness of sin, all first Adams offered this blessed one the light of the world that is actually a black annulment of godliness. When he instead offered them the light of life, eternal life no man unrepentant, unredeemed and unclean can approach unto.
-This is why Jesus Christ taught us how we’re to comprehend a righteous tree by the fruit that it bears, this is why saved people who are not of this world, but are by Holy Spirits sanctified there upon are by this world standards thought to be peculiar. It is the purpose of Jesus teaching the born again saints how the world would hate them because they’re not of the world. The blood purchase of Jesus Cross are no longer their own, how they’re instead by a divine lineage crying out to belong to this Holy Lord of Israel. It is he that has abandoned this first creation and curse unto the new blood adoption and heir campaign whereas those climbing up any other way are thieves and robbers meant only to be cast into the outer darkness upon which their hearts of stone have forfeited mankind’s single victory, Jesus The Christ, Lord.

The Life and Light Of The World

-The Apostle Paul forewarn the Galatians in his day how though he or an angel from heaven come preaching any other gospel (Jesus Christ and him crucified), to them. One other than the one already preached (again Jesus Christ and him crucified) let this person, this new gospel, doctrine be a curse. This is where you again have to realize this is why this New Age gospel has with it its own manner of Jesus, or Christ. It is this fake type that it’s to again allude you into thinking it’s ordain of the original gospel of Jesus Christ. I tell you the more I heard Frances and Warren unveil this lie, the more I realized this New Age work that has been gravely pushed on God’s people the last twenty plus years.
-How this faith-looter on the premise of wise, celebrity like, even godly men and woman is nothing but a Satanic and demonic manner of preparing those unrepentant of Christ’s bloody cross. Easily they’re being made ready to receive the end time anti Christ, that this New Age gospel and it’s various advocates especially promoted by some of the most trusted leaders in this nation and this world, how it’s nothing but a forged type of John the Baptist (false prophet) paving and preparing the way unto a new way maker namely the man of prediction, the anti-Christ.
-Of course now Caden is nearly two years old and since he has been surrounded and inundated by astronomical manners of the Holy Spirit and spiritual music reaching unto immortal life. Well to make it plain he now worship the light of life and immortality, plainly like his Marmar (grandmar), he’s head over hills in love with Jesus Christ. He’s lovingly being trained up in the way, the only way, life and truth, that when a stumbling block is cast he will in no wise stray away from it. He was born to summoned a light, though be it the light of this world which is in totality darkness, he was sadly worshipping a Broadway. That path of illusions, giving into illusions that he could never in a million years free himself from. Though now enters the light of Life, the very one with purpose to lead us from this birth upon darkness, this lineage of delusions and illusions Jesus Christ. No doubt this is why this Holy Lord, Lamb for mankind admonishes us not only to suffer the children (deny them the world of delusions) and bring them to Him, as well are we, the overseer should have faith (trust, obedience) as a child, never wavering therein.

I have come in my father’s name (The God Of Heaven), and me you have not received, another (an alternate Christ) shall come in his own name (not honoring the God of his fathers) and him shall ye receive JCON…John 5:43

-In conclusion, as not to argue this point anymore, it was when Jesus made the astonishing commission of all, and where the faith of all things was brought to a grinding, screeching halt. Of course it was when he looked at all the hatred, all the mockery and rebellion, all the violence and deadly plots and made the statement “except you eat of my flesh and drink of my blood you shall in no wise enter into the kingdom of heaven (God).” It wasn’t so much that these corrupt leaders and men didn’t understand what he said, it was the overall implication of what he said. Accurately the earth, the heavens, the universe trembled, because no longer was Jesus claiming he was the son of God, he was in all essence claiming He was God. Talk about an astronomical separation of the wheat, (The Righteous, and the Tares, the unrighteous), here indeed was abruptly this heaven to earth display of no exception, you was either a flesh to blood eater of the Christ’s Lord Jesus or you was damned.
-Though what was this Christ speaking of? This one they’d with a monstrous evil hated and despised, the one they’d mocked, and ridiculed, the one they’d heartedly and mentally plotted to maim and kill. Painstakingly, unmistakably he wasn’t describing to them how he was a door, but how he was the door, that they could in or by no other wisdom of man enter therein, repent or perish. Apparently this is why Jesus always silenced the demons with reason to speak of his deity, it wasn’t that they were to unveil to the world he was the son of God, but that he was actually God. That the God of all creation, of the earth, the heavens, the universe and beyond, now walked as flesh and blood with man, not only a divine relationship but a personal friend. Even a sacrificial potentate as He’d come to die as sin, to put away the curse of sin for all who would believe and therewith receive, returning them to their first ever love who first loved them.
-This is what he meant when he described to the disciples that when they laid eyes upon him, they laid eyes upon God, this is what the Apostle Paul was describing to his son in the faith Timothy, how great is the mystery of godliness. That without controversy God was manifested in the flesh, justified in the spirit, seen of angels, preached unto Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory. Clearly this beyond heaven and earth remark and this remark alone is when the religious leaders knew without a doubt the only way to silence him, to bruise his precise heel would be to kill him. Truly those coming after him to be of him and learn of him where to digest completely, wholeheartedly this righteous Lord would be the cornerstone of Christ’s cross, the one beacon cry of Holy Spirits given to the children of the darkness and disobedience.
-As I said, when Jesus made this extraordinary statement, this inconceivable claim, it was here the religious leaders would eventually vote in block how it was reasonable one man should suffer for the salvation of the masses, in other words they would have to kill this Christ Lord. Their walking in darkness, their being men of the darkness, not accepting this light of life (Jesus' cross), light hath come. They didn't know, nor could they realize how killing Jesus (the Lamb of God, Man) would do nothing but seal for all eternity in righteous blood what He'd only moments earlier alleged. He, this Christ Lord, the sacrificial blood he would become, by this blood sacrifice would be created the only, single passage way. This narrow way few travel to this Holy Lord, His Kingdom coming, where those climbing up some alternate way are considered thieves and robbers (a transgression, an abomination). Just as so they were to repent of the birth upon dark hearts deceiving them so or they would by a second death (judgment of God) perish. Hear This Christ Lord when he say "Ye Must Be Born Again."
-Those yet believing the identical lie Lucifer told their first parents, evenly telling them for what has become a world religion and New Age gospel. In fact not only wouldn’t they die, but they would become as God, knowing good and evil, this special couple not realizing their God given glory was in their obedience. To be totally sincere for sure mankind must know by now this was all a lie, as so all those coming unto them preaching a gospel other than redemption by the pure blood of Jesus’ cross. This was God, His way of keeping a promise to Mother Eve and commending His love toward mankind, Christ’s cross was mandated by God for this purpose. Markedly those more like their father Satan at denying the power thereof are lying murders set to be cast into the great lake of fire. Clearly and without exception unless you eat this Supreme Christ of all Christ flesh, (the word of God,) and drink his blood, (take of this blood redemption) you shall in no wise (by no other means, Christ, lord or philosophy) enter into the Kingdom of God.
-Although some of these prized leaders like Nicodemus of Jesus day must have been sincere there being the children of the darkness of this world and thus being deceived. Though what they teach being intently by Satan rooted and grounded in the doctrines of devils is industriously trying to steal, kill and destroy the entirety of mankind. Earnestly from the word of God forward let no man deceive you, you must be born again, it is this way, or this is the way as God’s Kingdom is Holy, unto a New Jerusalem. Holy unto a new earth and mankind, flesh and blood, the first lineage of mankind having fallen as such, from God’s glory cannot then inherit God’s Kingdom. Graciously and with a heart so content you must get this, you’re talking about a God who is not willing that any man perish, this is why He came, why He ministered, why He suffered mankind’s original faith. This isn’t only why he died (was crucified, it’s as well why He rose, He rose that He would in forty days hence lead all that would again overcome man this stumbling block of offense captive, if there is any man, let him come.

That you be aware, that you be born again, that you know an Apostle of Jesus Christ is among you. As to pluck Ambers from the burning, take heed that no man deceive you, Apb, The Rising Above Ministry (RAM).

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-There's something about Jeremiah 37:8, the forewarning scripture of Jeremiah 37:8, the insurgence stronghold is again on the map...1998, 2004, 2010...
-There's something about an invasion, one on American soil, about all preparing for war, for battle, a dangerous fall of peace and safety continuously on the map 06/20/2005, 07/12/2006, 08/15/2007, 10/03/2008, 10/12/2008, 01/09/2010
-Seen to be seeing readied, alert and now fleeing for their lives, for their children lives stampeding people on the map. Seen to be seeing those left behind getting a sharp, painful very large syringe to the chest, the heart, ending up nothing but a brown paper Mache on the refrigerator, beware 03/27/2009

For Salvation Pray: I’m sorry Lord God, forgive me for my sins, wash me and cleanse me and then, by Jesus Christ receive me into thy glory again.

Listening to: Selah: I Have Decided

Hurry Lord Christ, Prince Of Peace, and get us the Victory

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